Pallet Removal and Recycling Services

These services are part of Pallet USA’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and supports our customers who have sustainability goals.

sustainable pallet manufacturerOur recycling division obtains used and broken pallets through a variety of sources, including scrap and pallet removals from our customers. We also buy used wood pallets from other vendors. 

Scrap removals are returned to our recycling plant and sorted into one of the following categories:
• Used wood pallets in good condition are placed into inventory and available for immediate resale.
• Pallets too damaged for repair are disassembled for the usable boards.
• Used pallets with some damage can be restored using boards removed from other, badly damaged pallets.
• Unusable lumber left over from disassembled pallets goes into our grinder where it is ground into mulch for sale or fuel for our hydronic heating system, which is used to heat our facility as well as our heat treat kiln.

Repair and Return Program

If your pallets are used internally (not for shipments) or if you receive back the pallets you ship out, Pallet USA can set up a wood pallet "Repair and Return Program" for your company. We will haul your repairable pallets out, then repair them and sell them back to you to reuse at a discounted price.

Contact Pallet USA to learn more about our pallet removal service: 262-673-6090.

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