Managed Inventory Program for Pallets

Pallet USA offers vendor managed inventory programs for select southeastern Wisconsin customers to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. Because small orders include a set-up charge, repetitive, small orders increase costs. However, in a managed inventory program, larger quantities are manufactured all at once, and then a portion of what is initially manufactured is delivered. The remainder of the manufactured order of pallets is stocked at our facility for future release as you need them.

This process reduces costs and is intended to:
• Control your company's inventory quantity, usage, and replenishment of new pallets or crates so you don't stock an excess amount of inventory.
• Track your usage trends to make certain you won't ever run short of pallets or crates.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Through a vendor-managed inventory program, we identify your daily or weekly pallet or crate usage trends, then calculate how many days’ usage you want us to keep in your inventory. A regular schedule would be established where we would stop at your facility and take a count of your inventory on the predetermined day(s). Then we would automatically replenish your inventory as needed on an ongoing basis by scheduling a delivery to maintain stock levels.

Customer-Managed Inventory

Customer-managed inventory programs are similar to the vendor managed inventory described above, except you would take the regular inventory count at your facility. Then you would contact us with the order quantity necessary for us to replenish your inventory and schedule a delivery.

Contact Pallet USA for managed inventory services: 262-673-6090.

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