Heat Treatment for Export Compliance
for Pallets, Crating and Industrial Lumber

pallet heat treating export compliance stamp

Pallet USA has state-of-the-art heat treating operations on-site to meet international shipping requirements.

Through our heat-treating systems, any of Pallet USA's pallets, crating or industrial lumber that you intend to ship overseas will be ISPM 15 compliant with the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) requirements. The IPPC promotes measures for the control of pests that destroy plants and plant products. The IPPC is governed by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), which adopts International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs). Compliance with the ISPMs is required for all export shipments.

Heat-treated products are IPPC-stamped to prove compliance.

Kiln-Dried Lumber

Pallet USA also offers kiln-dried lumber (KD-HT), which is dried to reduce moisture content. In contrast to heat treating, kiln drying takes considerably longer and is done at much higher temperatures. Our KD-HT lumber meets all ISPM requirements for heat treatment.

Call Pallet USA for heat-treating and kiln-drying of pallet, crate and lumber: 262 673-6090.

pallet, crate heat treating