Crates and Custom Crating Options

custom crate manufacturing WisconsinPallet USA’s package design specialists will work closely with you to ensure that your cargo has the safest and most efficient crate packaging.

Our design engineers use the industry standard PDS™ and AutoCad® software to create custom drawings and designs according to your crate specifications and to measure a crate’s strength and efficiency.

Our crates can be assembled with shock absorbing bases, padding and protection options that can help eliminate transit vibration.

crate kitsCrating Kits

Along with pre-assembled crates, we also offer crating kits for assembly at your facility. Components are shipped unassembled and you easily assemble the crates when needed.

You benefit from having readily available crates. And because the kits are in components, they require less space for storage.

Contact Pallet USA for preassembled crates or crate kits for your shipping and storage needs. 262-673-6090