Custom Pallet and Crate Design Services

Pallet USA offers custom design of pallets and shipping and packaging crates to meet specific material handling or shipping needs. We provide custom design services for companies within a 90-mile radius of our Hartford, Wisconsin location.

Custom Pallet Design

We adhere to the high design standards of the National Wooden Pallet and Crate Association (NWPCA), and use its Pallet Design System™ (PDS), as well as AutoCAD© software. 

Through PDS™ software, we optimize pallet design for cost efficiency, damage reduction, and increased safety. Pallet USA is committed to designing the safest and most durable pallet for your product at the lowest cost. Simply put, PDS™ allows Pallet USA to provide better pallets and crates at cost-effective pricing.

Crating and Packaging Design

As part of our commitment to meeting your unique needs, Pallet USA offers packaging engineering design services. Pallet USA can design and manufacture packaging for cargo of virtually any shape or size being shipped domestically or internationally.

We'll design and manufacture shipping and storage crating that will protect your products through the use of cradles, saddles, braces and cushioning.

One of Pallet USA’s design engineers will come to your facility to discuss your needs and work with your team. Our experts will provide information about packaging solutions and shipping policy. If international shipping is planned, our heat-treating service assures that our packaging is export-compliant.

Custom design options can include:

• Shock-absorbing bases and crates
• Collapsible and returnable boxes
• Crating kits

Our design engineers can create a solution to meet virtually any unique shipping needs, regardless of size, shape, composition or destination of your product.

Contact Pallet USA for pallet or crate design services: 262-673-6090.

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