Manufacturing and Operations

pallet lumber sawPallet USA has one of the largest pallet and crate design and manufacturing operations in southeastern Wisconsin. We have invested in automation far beyond what is feasible for the many, smaller pallet operations in the market. 

Our facilities are in Hartford, Wisconsin, and we serve a 90-mile radius of the location. 

We operate in a green, sustainable business manner, with virtually no waste produced. We even produce our own hydronic heat with energy from scrap wood and wood chips.

Our facilities include all the equipment and capacity to meet any needs for pallets, crates and industrial lumber. We handle new pallets and refurbished pallets, and have a specialty in custom designed shipping crates and storage crates.

• Automated pallet assembly machines, allowing production of more than 7,000 pallets per day day)
• Multiple on-site heat treating units for international shipping requirements
• Pallet disassembly equipment
• A delivery fleet of more than 80 vehicles

Contact us today to learn how Pallet USA can fulfill your pallet, crate or lumber needs.262-673-6090

pallet manufacturing operation, Wisconsin

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